Green Spaces under myriad threats

The City's green spaces are under a variety of threats.

February 2015 Trees in Alexandra Gardens are under threat after insurance companies for houses in Alpha Road have pressured the Council. The last time only in late 2010 trees were threatened in Carlyle Road. See our coverage at the time.

Parker's Piece is presently suffering the most pressure with a proposal to lease an area to the redevelopers of the University Arms Hotel for two years or more and National Express' renewed push to turn Parkside into a permanent coach station. See below.

Meanwhile the City Council plans to site outdoor gym equipment, available in a variety of garish colours, on various green spaces. They are consulting on this idea for Alexandra Gardens. Please say NO, green spaces should remain quiet free spaces, not turned into play areas.


The website has been set up by a group to resist the plans of National Express and the County Council to make the 2006 supposedly temporary coach station on Parkside permanent. This would involve the construction of extensive bus shelters and other facilities, permanently ruining this side of Parker's Piece.

It seems the authorities have a particular appetite for using the edges of Green Spaces as bus stops and bus layover bays. This must be resisted in order to preserve these precious spaces. Read more...

Consultation over proposed cycle and pedestrian bridge across the Cam

A proposed bridge across the Cam in East Chesterton presents no easy options for the protection of the environment. The County Council who is responsible for the new scheme has published a consultation showing some options.

We have obtained documents commissioned for the council showing all the options.

Parker's Piece Lighting Scheme

It's now in, but will crime in the area reduce as a consequence? More...


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