[Announce] Fwd: House redevelopment on edge of Alexandra Gardens

John Lawton john at lawton.me.uk
Wed Jan 24 14:59:43 GMT 2018

An urgent message from Andy Davey of the Friends of Alexandra Gardens - 
you may remember their previous battle to prevent pollarding of trees on 
the edge of the park.

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Subject: 	House redevelopment on edge of Alexandra Gardens
Date: 	Wed, 24 Jan 2018 14:47:03 +0000
From: 	Andy Davey <daveycartoons at gmail.com>
To: 	trees at andydavey.com

Dear Friends

This has reached you because at some point in the last 7 years you have 
expressed an interest in preserving the character of Alexandra Gardens 
(mainly the trees) and have given us your email address.

The primary reason for writing is that a house on the edge of the 
Gardens (the old park manager's house in fact) on Carlyle Road is under 
threat of redevelopment into 8 studio/bedsit flats. Aside from the 
building, a couple of trees in the grounds of the house are threatened 
and building work would occur over the root area of the magnificent 
plane at the top of the Gardens. This may affect its health. The house 
owner's architect has decreed these trees to be of low-medium value, 
whereas we are fully aware that the valuation of (at least) the plane 
trees is actually considered to be very high.

However, the trees are not the primary objection to the plans. The 
proposed building is a large three-storey mass, replacing a rather 
modest house that presently fits the space. The house has been allowed 
to deteriorate to a point where the owner claims that it is beyond 
repair. In fact the civil engineer's report does not state this. The 
plans were submitted over the Christmas break, presumably to attempt to 
get them passed without a public fuss. It all seems a rather cynical 
attempt to make a profit at the expense of the Gardens.

You may or may not support the redevelopment. I am not really speaking 
on behalf of the Alexandra Gardens Tree Group in this matter, but simply 
passing on a concern raised by one of our group who objects strongly to 
the plans. I'm afraid it's rather urgent - the deadline for comments on 
the Council website is Friday (26th) but they may close it early on that 

If you want to make your views heard, please go here and fill out the 
online form; 

If that does not work, go here 
https://idox.cambridge.gov.uk/online-applications/, enter the reference 
number in the box as 17/2161/FUL and then sign in. You only have one day!

Andy Davey
07831 535982

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