[Discuss] Resistance is fertile?

Carolin Gohler ceo at cambridgeppf.org
Thu Apr 28 15:48:37 BST 2011

Modern arboricultural techniques do not necessarily use sealant to cut 
branch ends. Research has shown that fungi etc spores get sealed in and 
one creates perfect conditions for fungi to grow as moisture is retained.
Just crown-reduced and pollarded trees take always a tick longer to leaf 
out as they have to initiate dormant buds to create new shoots/leaves.

Climate Change will certainly see more pest and diseases appearing in 
our Region.

Not sure what is planned for Alexandra Gardens and best to liaise with 
the City Council's Tree Team


On 28/04/2011 15:01, Joanna Gordon Clark wrote:
> Just using up a few minutes available on lib computer - but the plane 
> trees on Maid's Causeway, that got the Biddle Cut, don't look at all 
> happy.  and I wonder, if they cut back plane trees in the way 
> described for Alexandra Gardens, do they use any of the traditional 
> black stuff to prevent fungi getting in through the raw ends?  After 
> all, it takes a tree qutie a long time to cover over its cuts, and if 
> we get fungi getting in to plane trees, who knows how quickly they 
> might die.
> am writing v fast, hence poss errors.  Still those plane trees of the 
> Biddle cut don't look as if they are chucking out any shoots, whereas 
> the Alex Gardens and other ones are already getting well into leaf.
> so - is Biddle fatal, to trees?
> By the way, nice to see you in the distance at the Friends of Mid 
> common meeting
>       Joanna
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> Inspiring work by Guerilla Gardeners.
> http://www.theecologist.org/reviews/books/866262/seedbombs_going_wild_with_flowers.html
> I'm sure there are areas in our city that need similar attention.
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