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Tom Davies tom.davies at dsl.pipex.com
Wed May 4 16:21:54 BST 2011

Happy to help, but may I suggest some sort of rota is needed? One tree may
get all the water!

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We've just received this from Dick Baxter of Friends of Midsummer Common:

Lack of rain is causing stess to most of the 50 new trees planted on
Midsummer Common. The Council is trying to get emergency waterings but
this is not proving easy. If any of you are free to take buckets of
water from the river and pour them over the roots of the new willows and
poplars along the riverside it cannot but help keep them alive. The
Council can then divert their attention to the inland limes which are
showing most distress.

Your help would be appreciated (especially by the trees!).

John Lawton
SOS Chair

Save Our green Spaces

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