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Ok this answers some of my questions, should have read it first.  if people come 
on to the green however they intend to use it, then they must take all their 
litter with them.  that's the first rule of decent behaviour. 

As for green spaces generally, I see them as our parks and forests, places where 
people can go, whoever they are, and be in nature.  if they do nasty things, 
then they must be told off and if necessary fined or whatever.
I have on occasions hesitated when I have seen a large cirlc of obvious drinkers 
on Christs |Pieces, near the Diana Memorial, but those peopel have very few 
places to go, and provided they do no harm then I jsut remind myself that they 
are deluded people with big problems and if I am polite to them there will be no 
trouble.  And I havent seen many there recently, so I hope they haven't been 
roped up in a ghetto somewhere.  it is a difficult balacne, that's all I have to 

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What Police presence?

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From the JGA:
>The Committee of the Jesus Green Association heard this Tuesday evening from its 
>Chairman, Peter Constable, of a gathering on Sunday of some thousand young 
>people, ex-students and students of two Cambridge Colleges in particular, which 
>drove local
>people and visitors off the Green in fear and disgust and which took Council 
>staff three hours and forty sacks to clean up early on Monday morning, requiring 
>a special vehicle to deal with broken glass. It is clear that the police 
>presence was inadequate to prevent this outrage.
>Committee calls on the City Council and its officers to convene an urgent 
>meeting to be attended by the Police, the Master and Mistress of the two 
>Colleges principally concerned (believed to be Jesus College and Girton College) 
>and itself to review what happened and to ensure that nothing similar is 
>permitted to occur on what is called suicide Sunday in mid June or on any other 
>occasion in the future.
>Jesus Green Association is committed to ensuring that, as one of Cambridge's 
>finest open spaces, Jesus Green is respected by all and available to be enjoyed 
>by a wide range of users in an informal way at any one time. Any such 
>unregulated and anti- social gathering, which drives families and other users 
>away, violates this spirit and is to be roundly condemned.
>Jesus Green Association
>4th May 2011
>What is your experience of green spaces in the city?
>John Lawton
>SOS Chair
>Save Our green Spaces
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