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HOnestly Joanna, in the warm weather it's every night and just have a walk
round the once springy green turf all damaged and discoloured. It's a park
frankly isn't it, it's not the Great Outdoors where yes, I agree it's lovely
to have an open fire but these are lawns, cut by expensive machines to keep
them lovely, not the outback, the bush, the scrub or the woodland. It's only
a small space and so much is being destroyed.

I think the litter problem is dire. I can't understand the policy of picking
up after people, like fairies, getting them to sustainably take their litter
home with them is the only way forward . And to do that you do need some
monitoring, some fines, some enforcement and some action.

The little square hut in a rather shady place, they are going to destroy as
if we don't need some kind of warden as we always have  there

Yours Anne

On 19 May 2011 17:55, Joanna Gordon Clark <skyclarker at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Have some difficulty getting the original documetn on this, the attachment
> in fact, but can perhaps comment on what is givenbelow.
> Yes i have seen very large crowds of young people on the Green, on the
> grass, by and large, and noticed the fires and wondered about them. I don't
> think it happened very often, tho i cannot be sure of that.
> I did not know that the hut - does that mean the loos? - was to be
> pulled down. Or does it mean the refreshments place.  In eitehr case that
> would be a very bad idea.
> as for the youth and fires, once in a while won't hurt but if it is really
> leaving permanent marks on the grass, then it needs to be stopped or
> restrained.  the flower bed near the bridge has an open stone centre adn
> that would be a decent place to light fires, unless the stones are fragile
> I think the opporutnity to have a fire in the evening, in the open, when
> young, is a good thing, but there needs to be restraint over its
> consequences.  iwas a bti put off at first when I saw so many peopel on
> there, but I only saw it once.As a regular thing, then probably not. Joanna
> Gordon Clark
>       Joanna
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> The Green Spaces are appallingly mismanaged and criminally neglected. Jesus
> Green in particular suffers from a dire laissez faire policy with no
> supervision of under age drinkers, drug taking, and the burning of the turf
> and despoilation of the area by literally tonnes of litter.
> There is no enforcement of any of of the laws pertaining to behaviour on
> the Greens, and I think the Council stand accused of utterly failing in
> their duty to act as custodians of these places. What is happening is
> nothing less than authorized vandalism.
> There are fines for littering available to the Council. the Police
> absolutely refuse to act when asked to attend young people burning the grass
> and scawling graffitti. It is a Liberty Hall for which the people of
> Cambridge pay dearly.
> The Council should NOT pull down the building on Jesus Green but use it for
> a Custodian with proper powers  to fine those who wreck our spaces, Council
> tax payers will eventually be sick of picking up and paying for young people
> be they students or our own citizens' children or visitors. It does not
> happen elsewhere why here? The Police MUST be involved, we cannot allow
> these young people to despoil our city with impunity or appeal to them in
> the silly over polite way the Council now employ.
> The Jesus Green hut, built at some cost to the rate payer in 1970s would be
> an idea centre for some vigilance. Using the Big SOciety Idea we could have
> volunteers policing the Green but they must have back up. A crackdown on the
> kind of anti social activity prevalent is way overdue, this situation will
> not improve on its own.
> The way the Greens are handled is a daily digrace to the Council, to the
> Enforcement officers who do not enforce and to the Police.
> I also think that the JGA has been far too liberal all along. The
> ludicrously TINY notices which eventuated from HOURS of discussion last year
> cannot even be seen, they are six inches high. The problem of barbecues has
> not been resolved where everywhere else in the country they have been banned
> in urban spaces, Hampstead Heath, Runnymede, every civic park in the land.
> This isn't a huge space, it is being wrecked by a minority of young people
> and they are not just students..
> On 4 May 2011 20:15, John Lawton <chair at soscambridge.org.uk> wrote:
>> From the JGA:
>> The Committee of the Jesus Green Association heard this Tuesday evening
>> from its Chairman, Peter Constable, of a gathering on Sunday of some
>> thousand young people, ex-students and students of two Cambridge Colleges in
>> particular, which drove local
>> people and visitors off the Green in fear and disgust and which took
>> Council staff three hours and forty sacks to clean up early on Monday
>> morning, requiring a special vehicle to deal with broken glass. It is clear
>> that the police presence was inadequate to prevent this outrage.
>> Committee calls on the City Council and its officers to convene an urgent
>> meeting to be attended by the Police, the Master and Mistress of the two
>> Colleges principally concerned (believed to be Jesus College and Girton
>> College) and itself to review what happened and to ensure that nothing
>> similar is permitted to occur on what is called suicide Sunday in mid June
>> or on any other occasion in the future.
>> Jesus Green Association is committed to ensuring that, as one of
>> Cambridge's finest open spaces, Jesus Green is respected by all and
>> available to be enjoyed by a wide range of users in an informal way at any
>> one time. Any such unregulated and anti- social gathering, which drives
>> families and other users away, violates this spirit and is to be roundly
>> condemned.
>> Jesus Green Association
>> 4th May 2011
>> What is your experience of green spaces in the city?
>> John Lawton
>> SOS Chair
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