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Tue Jul 1 14:21:05 BST 2014

well done simon, for flagging this up.  Awful to have pubic right of way obstrcuted so very physically and while fo ryou maybe it would not have been a huge thing to climb over, for many older people and those with bad legs (like me, for eg.) it woudl be impossible, and also it is a removal of our open space.  suggest you ask them in the council what this was all about.  also now they are commandeering a fair bit of space, presumably for th tour de france thing, but in the end it is our space, not their space.
Another thing:  has anyone noticed the way they are removing old lamppost from Christs Pieces, many of whcih used to look exactly lilke the one in  the Narnia books? such a shame, and wehre we consulted?  nope
but also congratulate them on the lovely Diana, Princess of Wales, rose archway with seats, which they planted up beautfiully this spring and whcih has currently got three climbing roses on it, one of which isnt quite as climbing as the others, but it is the spirit of the ting that counts.
and have they reset the wooden protecitons round the tree at the end of the Pieces, near to the Methodist church exit, and will the other one that got vandalised, the birch tree, survive?
oaky thats miy lot.
joanna - Alex Gardens Trees adn FMC


On Friday, 27 June 2014, 20:17, Simon Norton <simon at dpmms.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

A fortnight ago I needed to catch an early train and decided, as I usually do
when in this position, to walk across Parker's Piece instead of Regent St.

However there was an event on that day (14 June) and caravans etc. were parked
on the grass. Whoever organised the event seemed to be at pains to stop people
from getting access to the grass between these caravans and Regent Terrace,
because as soon as the railings on the path towards Mill Rd stopped the event
area began, and the first caravan (or whatever it was) was chained to the last
railing with no gap to get through.

Well there wasn't any real difficulty in climbing over the railings, but it was
still a bit of a nuisance -- and a quite unnecessary one surely.

Simon Norton

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