Parker's Piece 'trial' lighting scheme a major threat to the open space

Parker's Piece lighting scheme

A recent 'trial' installation of low level lighting on Parker's Piece has provoked controversy.

The lights comprise a full size streetlight, a number of waist high bollard style lights and a single 'retractable' post light. Should this scheme be approved for the entire cross pathways, it would be a major blight on the common. The bollards fence in the pathways, preventing the free movement of people presently enjoy and catastrophically damaging the open aspect of the ground. It's an unfortunate cross between an urban cycleway and an industrial car park. We are told the desire is to increase safety, but this may only result in a false sense of security anyway.

See for yourself:

Parker's Piece lighting Parker's Piece lighting Parker's Piece lighting

The council commissioned a Conservation Report for Parker's Piece, dated 2001. This document gave the good conservation advice: "Strongly resist the placing of permanent structures or artefacts in the central open area of Parker's Piece".

Historically, even the adding the cross pathways were thought contentious, they were only installed in 1890 and the central light was installed in 1893. Why, 120 years later does the council think it right to add many more lights?

Local activist Richard Taylor has blogged on this subject

The City council has a consultation survey, closing 4th March: tell them what you think