[Announce] Petition to address issue of rapid city growth

John Lawton chair at soscambridge.org.uk
Fri Mar 18 21:06:24 GMT 2011

Dear All,

I believe that that the issue of rapid city growth is relevant to our 
concerns over the well being of the green spaces.

Councillor John Hipkin has launched an online petition to address the 
issue of rapid growth in the city.  He is asking for the Council to 
organise a city-wide referendum and, if the result supports it, to 
change policy.

'The undersigned recognise that Cambridge is a dynamic and changing 
city but we have serious misgivings about the scale and speed of its 
planned growth over the next two decades.  We therefore petition the 
City Council to organise a city-wide referendum to ascertain what 
scale of development of the city over the long term has the widest 
support of its citizens'.

If you are interested the petition can be found here:


John Lawton
SOS Chair

Save Our green Spaces

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