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Dear All,

I am forwarding this message from Jean Perraton of the Cam Valley 
Forum. She has included a very full report on the activities of her 
group. Thank you very much Jean.

We are happy to distribute similar messages from other groups to our 
mailing list. Send to my email address please.

John Lawton
SOS Chair

The Cam Valley Forum's Annual General Meeting which will be on 
Thursday 29 March in St Mark's Church Hall, Barton Road.

The AGM begins at 7.15 and after the formal meeting, not later than 
8pm, Richard Glen of Richard Glen Associates will present the Bedford 
Waterspace Study which his firm prepared for the Bedford Borough 
Council and the Environment Agency 'to encourage the sustainable 
development of Bedford's river corridor.'

There will then be an opportunity to discuss whether we need a 
similar study for Cambridge and, if so, what should it look like.

The church hall is behind St. Mark's Church where there is parking 
for cycles and cars.

Why not join us?


PS You might also be interested in my report (attached) which gives 
an idea of the forum's work.
Jean Perraton
247 Hills Road
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