[Announce] Save the Cambridge Green Belt campaign update

John Lawton chair at soscambridge.org.uk
Mon Jan 27 11:17:11 GMT 2014

Wishing you a happy New Year!

We received the update message below from Save the Cambridge Green 
Belt campaign,
http://greenbeltsos.wordpress.com/ which might be of interest. There 
is a link at the end of the message to the online petition which has 
a healthy total.


John Lawton
SOS Chair

Dear Supporter

Back in September we handed in a copy of the petition to the 
Cambridge City Council and in October we handed a copy to the South 
Cambs District Council.

Since that time there has been no change of plan by either of the 
councils. This is a disappointment but not a surprise. There are 
strong vested interests that promote building on the Green Belt in 

What have we been doing?
As a result of the petition the Campaign will be allowed to a present 
a short case to the Cambridge City Council at a meeting on 14th February.

We have also been looking at alternative brownfield sites that could 
be developed as an alternative to building on the Green Belt. A site 
has been identified which would yield several hundred houses and 
remove the need to develop on the Green Belt. This site has been 
proposed to the City Council.

What happens next?
The next stage in the planning process is review of the plan by a 
government inspector. This will start early summer 2014. The campaign 
is preparing its case to make before the inspector. There are many 
weaknesses in the draft plan and we are confident that the Councils 
will be forced to make significant changes. Inadequate transport 
planning and consultation will be problems for the Council at the review.

What can you do?
Write to your local MP and tell him how you feel. Julian Huppert 
(Cambridge City MP) is running a survey which you can fill in here: 

View the petition: 

Save Our green Spaces: http://www.soscambridge.org.uk
Twitter: @SOS_Cambridge

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