[Announce] 'Cambridge Rules' public art commission consultation - ends Dec 5th

John Lawton chair at soscambridge.org.uk
Tue Nov 11 14:28:07 GMT 2014

I write to let you know about renewed plans for a public art 
installation on Parker's Piece.

You may remember that the previous proposals were kicked into the 
long grass by the then executive councillor 
but inevitably the plans have been revisited as the council has S106 
(developer taxes) funds allotted for public art which are burning 
holes in their pockets.  If these funds aren't spent on something 
within a certain timescale then they have to be returned to the developer.

Now we have a choice of four new designs:

- but there is of course an important fifth choice, to do 
nothing.  We strongly maintain that Green Spaces are precisely that 
and the simplicity of the unobstructed space in Parker's Piece is 
most important. It is not a blank canvas to be adorned with this and 
that, here and there.

The Council's own Conservation Report for Parker's Piece, (2001)
- a document that councillors and officers appear to be strangers to, 
wisely says:

"Strongly resist the placing of permanent structures or artefacts in 
the central open area of Parker's Piece".
"It would be very easy to lose this essential character of Parker's 
Piece by the addition of artefacts, structures or tree planting in 
the central area."

Please respond to the online consultation here: 

The executive councillor for City Centre & Public Spaces is Carina 
O'Reilly: mailto:carinaoreilly at gmail.com
The executive councillor for Community, Arts & Recreation is Richard 
Johnson: mailto:Richard.Johnson at cambridge.gov.uk

Best wishes,

John Lawton
SOS Chair

Save Our green Spaces: http://www.soscambridge.org.uk
Twitter: @SOS_Cambridge

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