[Announce] Protect Madingley Wood and the Cambridge American Cemetery from the Greater Cambridge City Deal

John Lawton john at lawton.me.uk
Thu Nov 12 12:25:46 GMT 2015

I'd like to inform you of this message from David Ousby concerning the 
proposed bus route by Madingley.

Madingley parish is deeply concerned about the city deal busway 
proposal, especially the proposed location of the park and ride at 
Madingley Mulch, and the route that would go past the ancient Madingley 
Wood, through the 800 wood and in front of the American Cemetery.

As one of the smallest parishes it is hard for our voice to be heard, 
however there is an online petition that is gaining support.

We would be very grateful if you were to look at it and consider signing 
it if you agree with our concerns.

Many thanks for your kind attention and apologies in advance for any 
inconvenience that may have been caused

David Ousby, High Street,Madingley

Link to the online petition:

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