Parkside permanent bus station proposed

Please protest about this plan!

At the end of September, these plans were unexpectedly placed before the CJAC (Cambridge Joint Area Committee) which considers city transport matters.

These plans propose further development of the bus station on Parkside, making it permanent. These plans would destroy this area for residents and lovers of Parkside. But why is this happening?

The County documents from 2005/2006 are good background reading. Nothing much has changed. The main document looks at the various alternatives to using Parkside. However it seems to us that the objections to the use of Station Road - plans on page 55 - the presence of on street parking are no longer valid. Indeed, some buses are already using a similar bay there now, so it seems Station Road could now be used for long distance coaches.

This Cambridge News article from 2006 is interesting regarding the attitude of National Express.

Residents are organising to stop this development. See their website